What is Swing trading?

What is Swing trading? Investors approach the stock market with a variety of goals. Many invest for the long-term, seeking to build wealth over time, while others trade for short-term profits – and many people do both. There are a […]


Introduction Contract notes are among the most relevant legal documents available to investors on the stock market. It keeps track of all the transactions at one place along with profit and loss info. In this document, the availability and legality […]

Top Stock Market Myths

Top Stock Market Myths Stock markets have long had the tainted reputation of being synonymous with terms like gambling, betting, and speculation which discourages people from building a career in the stock market. This belief is cemented further by our […]

What is CMP in the Stock Market?

What is CMP in the Stock Market? Introduction This model, while still profitable for traders and investors at the time, had many drawbacks; from shares, certificates being forged, lost and displaced, to various discrepancies caused by ever-changing stock market prices […]